Just a quick update post.

I’d hoped to get my review of Crusader Kings II up today.  Unfortunately, my macbook isn’t exactly playing nice with CKII, nor has it really ever.  So it’s with a heavy heart that I delay my review until the beginning of September when my gaming PC gets taken out of storage and I can really write the review I want to write.

The main reason I’m doing this is because I want to show off Crusader Kings II with a multi-part play-through. I feel the best way to review this game is to try and express the kind of drama that unfolds in CKII, as well as the kind of mindset that you enter when you really start to play it.

I feel like there’s a large number of people out there who’d love to play the game, it’s just that it’s hard to get them excited over a game that’s mostly played via choices from dropdown menus and popups. So what better way to do this than by showing them one of the awesome stories that they could be playing?

Hit the jump for a short preview of my upcoming CKII review (and play-through?  play-review?  play-view?)

(Note, this is from the RTF rough draft, so please have mercy on me for any glaringly stupid grammatical errors)

y name is Goerg Omstodon, a Saxon duke in the pagan lands to the northeast of the Holy Roman Empire.  It has been 300 hundred years since the bloody Edict of Verden, where 400o Saxon men were beheaded at the order of Charlemagne.  They were killed for clinging to the old ways, and refusing to accept the new christian faith. Among those killed were my father and his three brothers.  The Holy Roman Empire has forgotten Verden.  The Saxons have not.  My ascension as king of the saxons is inevitable, and by my rule and my ancestors, we will have our vengeance.  Not a saxon alive does not remember the blood spilt that day.  I swear, before this century has run its course, the Empire will be splintered, its flag burned, and the old gods returned to power.

My name is Abd al-Mu’Amir.  My dynasty is powerful.  For the past 200 hundred years my family has overseen the caliphate of Cordoba in the south of the Iberian peninsula.  Medicine, art, technology, ours is a shining light in the black squalor of Europe.  While the french and british kingdoms fight amongst themselves, our power and influence only grows.  Still, I know it cannot last forever.  Even now, I can feel the rumblings of Crusade.  Armies mass in the Holy Roman Empire, driven on by papal edict.  They will come down from the Pyrenees, armed with fire and sword, and they will think to take our lands from us.  They think to rape our women, burn our crops, and desecrate our temples.  Let them try.  We will smash them upon the walls of our cities and leave them to die in the desert.  Cordoba will never fall.

My name is Dermot O’Tuathail, my crest is a turnip on a golden field.  I’m currently the mayor of Dublin, though I have my eyes set on more, eh, prestigious titles.  Ireland is in turmoil, the various counties at war with one another.  The many noble families are either unwilling or too stupid to stake any claims that could lead to a unified Ireland.  It breaks my heart to see Irishman fight Irishman, not to mention that wars in general are a great bloody faf.  I have a claim in a nearby county, enough for me to press a claim of dukedom and acquire the title bloodlessly.  It’s nothing more than the first step in my grand scheme, and in ten years, I will be Dermot O’Tuathail I, Mayor of Dublin, King of Ireland, and the Turnip on the Golden Field will fly above the roof of every holding.

These are the stories of Crusader Kings II, Paradox Interactive’s latest offering, and one of the most interesting and important games of 2012.  Or rather, these are some of the stories of Crusader Kings II, one of the best medieval nobleman simulators ever released.